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2024 Concert to Benefit Super Ellie

From the inception of Cancer Can’t, it has always been part of our practice to keep recipients out of the spotlight. We have never named the families at our events, made social media posts about them, or even shared their stories. We mostly do our work behind the scenes and connect directly with families to try to identify what their needs are. Our intentions behind keeping them anonymous is to respect whatever their process may be during an incredibly chaotic and difficult time.

Some families go through a cancer diagnosis publicly, and some very privately. We believe that both of those paths are right. It doesn’t matter how a family chooses to battle a cancer diagnosis, The CC Team is here to support each family in their unique journeys. With all our events and fundraising efforts, we aim to help as many families as possible. And we have been able to do just that given the generosity the CC community has shown these last 5 years. Last year alone in 2023, we were able to help more than 30 families financially. And many more than that, with other things like meals, gift cards, or emotional support.

With all of that said, and with the permission of the family, we’ve decided to pivot for the upcoming CC Concert and let you know that a majority of the proceeds from this event are going to help the Niland family of Marshfield. The Niland’s are a family many of you know, or have come across around town. Their sweet 5 year old daughter, affectionately known as Super Ellie, has been battling the effects of this disease for years. Ellie and her family have done incredible things to raise awareness for childhood cancer. But they have also faced mountain after mountain financially, and we want to help as much as we can with that burden. That is why we feel like this is our chance to do something a little different than what we’ve done in the past and garner as much generosity as possible with the CC community, rallying around their family at Soundcheck on May 10.

Whether you know the Niland family or not, we encourage you to learn more about their story on the Super Ellie social media pages (links below). They are an incredible family...and Ellie has inspired more people in her 5 years on this earth…than most of us can in a lifetime.

So, let’s show her and her family what their community can do for them.

Thank you all for your continued support.

The CC Team