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Our story is simple. The Cancer Can’t Team was formed to help cancer patients and their families fight the battle, and let them know they are NOT alone. Our team continues to grow, full of hard working people that are dedicated to making a positive impact in patients lives at a time when they need it most.


The CC Team understands from first hand experience what it’s like to have this disease come into homes and disrupt lives – our leadership comes from a Stage 4 survivor. And through her journey, we have all learned that patients and their families need a strong support system and a kick ass squad alongside them to help navigate the long road ahead.   

Our team is dedicated to providing emotional, physical, and financial support to patients and families by bringing together a community passionate about helping those battling all types of cancer. By hosting fundraising events, we can raise awareness and help take some of the burden off of these families.  

A cancer road can be tough, but we are tougher. We are here to help in any way possible. We stand strong and we stand together. Remember, cancer can’t define you. Cancer can’t take your spirit. Cancer can't stop you. And our Cancer Can't Team is here to help motivate, inspire, reassure, and remind you of all the things CANCER CAN'T have.  

We invite you to join our CC Team as we raise awareness and support for other patients and their families battling their way through this disease.

“It was life changing being on the receiving end of all of this incredible kindness. We all know the saying, ‘people are good’, but what we experienced was a lot more than that. People are kind. People are loving. People are supportive. And it’s all because people CARE.” - Joe Callahan